Houston Area Association for Decency
Battling Pornography through Morality and Decency


                            Citizen Involvement is the Key Impact                                         

The important work of HAAD is accomplished through the commitment and efforts of concerned citizens who have a desire to uphold the

quality  of family life in our community.

Our volunteers are drawn from a diversity of backgrounds – urban, suburban and rural areas, varied ethnic origins, and countless                                   churches, organizations and businesses in the Houston area. We are unified by our belief in traditional values and our commitment to

                                         high community standards.


                                                  How YOU can get Involved. The two greatest enemies of high community standards are complacency and silence.  If we e                                                   to hold the ground we have taken, constant vigilance must be maintained. There are many opportunities for involvement

                                                           with HAAD. Every citizen who cares about maintaining traditional family values and high standards in our

                                                                   community is encouraged to join those already united in voice and action on those vital issues that negatively

                                                                          affect and harm our families.

                                                                           Citizens in Action – Local citizens and leaders, under HAAD’s guidance, are active in the southeast

                                                                              Texas counties of Harris, Brazoria, Chambers, Chambers,Fort Bend, Galveston, Liberty,

                                                                                 Montgomery and Waller.

                                                                                  These local citizens and leaders can be highly effective in addressing issues that affect their

                                                                                   particular communities.  HAAD is serving over 4 million persons. Read More

Houston Area Assocation for Decency

1415 South Voss Road, Suite 110-393

Houston, Texas 77057


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