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Those who defend pornography often make the argument that there is no conclusive scientific proof that pornography causes sex crimes. Here's how Nadine Strossen, president of the ACLU, responded to the question, "But how can you defend pornography? Isn't it harmful to women?" ("In Defense of Pornography: A conversation with Nadine Strossen," New York Native, 1/23/95):

                                 "The pro-censorship feminists claim that pornography causes direct harm to women is unsupported by the facts. In writing

                                       this book ["In Defense of Pornography"] I searched the social science literature for evidence that exposure to sexually

                                           explicit pornographic material causes...violence against women. But I discovered that a causal connection has never

                                                been established."                                                 


                                                           Had Ms. Strossen been searching the social science literature "for evidence" of a causal connection between

                                                                pornography and sexual violence, it would have found. Note the research in the Attorney'

                    s                                               General's Commission on Pornography: Final Report (U.S. Department of Justice, 1986, at pp. 901

                                                                          -1035); an abridged version of the Final Report (Rutledge Hill Press, ISBN 0-934395-42-X) is

                                                                            available from the Houston Area Association for For Decency.


                                                                            But Ms. Strossen wanted more than evidence of  how the Supreme Court (Paris Adult Theater I v.

                                                                            Slaton, 413 U.S. 49)   responded to a similar demand:  Read On                                                                            

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